Hi, I am Belinda Fettke.

I am a wife and mother of 3 grown children.

I was a registered nurse in a past life.

After 13 years as a stay at home Mum, I ventured back into the workforce as the PR Marketing photographer for Scotch Oakburn College for 8½ years. This involved covering every aspect of school life, in which I immersed myself and loved that I could capture kids being kids in a state of the art educational facility. I could celebrate their achievements, their friendships and their growth to mature young adults. It was a very precious time and I learned so much about photography and ventured into Social Media.

I began my own photography business BPhotography over 7 years now.

I consider myself a storyteller and am drawn to passionate, creative people … hence my bi-line “the Art of Storytelling”. I want to capture memories and share stories through the visual medium of photography. I especially love photographing people and consider myself lucky to do something I love as ‘work’. 

I find inspiration in the simple things around me, in love, in family and in amazing literature. To convey an emotion and feel something real from an image or written words is incredible to me.

I look for light to see where it falls and the shadows it creates. I find textures intriguing.

I love to laugh and I sing whenever I feel like singing. I sing to my steering wheel regularly on long drives – it makes me happy!

I am humbled by the wonderful people I have met through my work, my photography, my association with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and allied resources. Humbled that I have permission to capture the deep essence of true emotions and precious moments in time. Often these moments can’t be repeated. I am honoured to capture people’s stories and thankful that I can share them.

While I specialize in wedding photography, family and children’s portraiture I also photograph pregnancies, newborns and pets. I am happy to go to special places for my client portraiture, somewhere that has true meaning for them.

I take time to perfect my craft, to know what I love and to be inspired and inspire others.

I am proud of the work I produce.

I am an Artisan.

Dog on a balcony in Venice

Dog on a balcony in Venice

Belinda Fettke BPhotography Belinda Fettke BPhotography Belinda Fettke BPhotography BPhotography_Little White_weddings114 BPhotography_Victoria_Chris_Newborn0131 Belinda Fettke BPhotography Belinda Fettke BPhotography Belinda Fettke BPhotography Belinda Fettke BPhotography Belinda Fettke BPhotography





Justin Paul – a touch of Europe in George Street

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Justin Paul – a touch of Europe in George Street

A touch of Europe in George Street.

BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0039

Centrally located in Launceston, Tasmania, Justin Paul makes a big impression from the start. Situated in the heart of George Street, its ever changing seasonal window displays highlight the latest fashions from around the world and grab the passerby’s attention juxtaposing colour and modern styling with the building’s elegant Victorian façade, dating back to 1865.BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0043Passionate fashionista’s will be in their element stepping into the luxuriously appointed women’s boutique, opened in 2009, with its signature green lampshades hung from the ceiling and single racks of International and Australian designer labels, including Kenzo, Jaeger and Marc Cain lining each wall. BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0033 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0024 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0027 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0030 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0019 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0001 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0002 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0006 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0008 BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0011Experience the fashion trends for each season and then compliment your designer outfit with matching accessories.

BPhotography_Justin Paul_Commercial Photography0016

I believe the charm of Justin Paul lies in its unmistakably luxurious fitout, with a down to earth and inviting feel, much like Annette Wyvell who now runs the business.

88a George Street, Launceston
+61(3) 6331 5095

Chelsea & Marc’s Wedding Celebrations at Josef Chromy Wines

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Chelsea & Marc’s Wedding Celebrations at Josef Chromy Wines

“Life is short & if you ever come across a beautiful, exciting crazy moment in it, you got to seize it while you can before the moment’s gone.” Ted Moseby

BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0044

Chelsea and Marc set out to create a romantic themed wedding with a modern edge in Tasmania and they succeeded. As most of their family and friends were coming from interstate for the celebrations, they felt it was important to not only showcase the incredible local produce, both food and wine, but share their celebrations in a stunning local venue.

BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0003 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0020 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0002

Award winning Josef Chromy Wines in Relbia did not disappoint. Guests witnessed Chelsea and Marc make their nuptuals to each other in one of the most beautiful settings in Northern Tasmania.

It was the very first wedding in the recently constructed Lakeside Wedding Pavilion at Josef Chromy. Nestled on the water’s edge, the white painted wooden pavilion created a romantic atmosphere with ducks and geese swimming by and an incredible backdrop of vineyards.

The light rain that fell at the start of the service did not dampen any spirits, and in fact, made for beautiful light for our photography and added a little quirkiness with all the umbrella’s on display for a few minutes.

The rain cleared and the sun even glimpsed through the clouds for a few moments as if sending a small blessing down on Chelsea and Marc. It was just perfect!

BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0027

Starting at Chelsea’s parents house in Trevallyn with the girls getting ready in the morning became a sign of how the day would develop. Laughter and stories of friendships were shared while nail polish was applied, Katrina Lockhart from Convict Cutters created the hair styling and Krista McCrimmon did the makeup. Two incredibly talented women who transformed the bridal party in a few short hours. And, what a gorgeous setting for photos with lots of childhood memories around. So much fun!

BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0007BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0010 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0011 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0012 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0013 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0014 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0015BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0004

Bron, my second shooter and best friend, captured the boy’s story while I photographed the girls. Marc wore a Hugo Boss pale blue striped suit with a navy blue bow tie and the guys were dressed in navy blue Oxford suits with tan shoes.

BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0008 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0009

Chelsea’s dress was created by Andrea Gorrie Bridal Couturier in Melbourne along the design concept the two of them came up with; to incorporate white Ostrich feathers into the voluminous skirting and French lace in the delicate fitted bodice with shoestring straps. The bouquets were made with love by Emma Bird of ‘Life as Little Bird’ and were stunning with pale pink roses and soft blue grey foliage complimenting the velvety pale skin of the bride. The bridesmaids were wearing navy blue Alannah Hill dresses.BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0005

The weather all morning was wild and there was almost constant rain on the hills in the distance, but very little in Launceston. When Chelsea walked down the white carpeted aisle on her father’s arm, it brought a tear to Marc’s eyes and he looked at her like his world had new purpose. It was such a powerful affirmation of his deep love for her and she glowed with happiness.

BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0026

Chelsea’s Godfather, Kelvin Todd, married the pair who had close friends Winnie, Stephanie, Glen and Tim standing beside them in their Bridal Party.

BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0016 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0017 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0018 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0019 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0020 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0021 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0022 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0023 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0024 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0025 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0026BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0028 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0029 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0030 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0031 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0032 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0033 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0034 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0035 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0036 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0037 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0038 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0039 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0040 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0041 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0042 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0043

The wonderful food and wines of the region topped off the reception with a 10 course degustation sampling and lots of great music to dance along to. The attention to detail in the food displays with small autumn touches created the feeling that you were outside in the vineyard, especially with all the natural light flooding in. It was a perfect wedding and celebration of two very special people.

BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0045 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0047 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0048 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0050 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0051 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0052 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0053 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0054 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0055 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0056 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0057 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0058 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0059 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0060 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0061 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0062 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0063 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0064 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0065 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0066 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0067 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0068 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0069 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0070 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0071 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0072 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0073 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0074 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0075 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0076 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0077 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0079 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0078 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0049 BPhotography_chelsea marc fb0046

I was honoured to be a part of Chelsea and Marc’s day. Thank you xx


Family Portraiture on the East Coast of Tasmania_BPhotography

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Family Portraiture on the East Coast of Tasmania_BPhotography

I was excited when Rebecca contacted me about photographing their growing family again. It will be my third venture down to Scamander to do their family portraiture on the east coast of Tasmania.

My first visit was to photograph Amelia when she was just a baby, and then I went back down when Fletcher was a year old. We decided to do more of a documentary style shoot this time when Henry turned one, starting the session at a nearby, favourite watering hole where the kids skimmed rocks and paddled at the waters edge, building dams and just having fun! While rain threatened and we were sprinkled on now and then, this spot was calm and free of the cold winds that hit us when we got to the beach.

But, what a view!! The east coast of Tasmania is one of my favourite places in the world. The bright aqua/turquoise waters were sparkling in the intermittent sunshine with white frothy caps, contrasting starkly with the grey clouds and soft shapes of the blue haze mountains as a backdrop. There wasn’t another person around … pure magic. Small shells were dotted along the white sandy beach. The kids and Fergus, their dog, were in heaven running along the waters edge, splashing, jumping the waves and playing with with their Mum and Dad, Rebecca and Scott.



BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait141 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait134 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait147 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait151 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait153 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait156 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait208 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait234 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait241_1 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait253 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait256 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait267 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait283 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait285 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait291 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait298 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait313 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait324 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait329 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait341 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait352 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait356 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait366 BPhotography_RebeccaScott_FamilyPortrait370

Thank you so much for asking me to come and photograph your gorgeous family. It was so much fun! I know you said no more kids, Scott … we will have to think of another reason to photograph you again.

Belinda x

With Keys & Locks, Hearts Become One _ BPhotography

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With Keys & Locks, Hearts Become One _ BPhotography

Wild weather didn’t stop the excitement, nor could it dampen the heartfelt emotion and love overflowing from family and friends at Olivia & Richard’s wedding celebrations on Friday 16th January, 2015.

Olivia and Richard set out to create a Downton Abbey themed wedding with a modern edge and they succeeded. The garden party moved inside, but the attention to detail and the stunning glass walls created the feeling that you were outside and natural light flooded the venue. It was a perfect wedding and celebration of two very special people.

Starting at Heritage Hair Gallery, St Leonards, with the girls getting ready in the morning was a sign of how the day would become. Laughter and stories of friendships were shared while Sam Swierc created hair styling and Brianna Schipper did makeup. Two incredibly talented women who transformed the bridal party in a few short hours. And what a gorgeous setting for photos with gold gilded mirrors, black and white wallpapers and hundreds of antique pieces displayed in the salon. So much fun!

_R7C2181_R7C2285cc _R7C2435 _R7C2394 _R7C2602 _R7C2589 _R7C2539 _R7C2517 _R7C2506

We went back to Olivia’s family home to finish getting ready and the boys dressed at the couple’s home.

_MG_5839 _MG_5919 _MG_5873 _MG_5852_MG_5957Bron, my second shooter and best friend, captured the boy’s story while I photographed the girls. Louise Scott from Timeless Elegance came to help Liv get into her dress and it became a real family affair. The bouquets made with love by Emily Titmus, Apple Blossom Weddings, were stunning as always, with latte roses complimenting the soft belt Olivia wore around her waist.

_R7C2608 _R7C2723 _R7C2704 _R7C2663_R7C2741 _R7C2799_R7C2891abaw Key to My Heart_Wedding_Bphotography

The guys, looked handsome in grey suits with tan shoes and buttonholes with a key attached. Richard’s suit was from Routley’s and the guys found theirs at Roger David. I loved the simple grey edging on Richard’s shirt giving small detail with no need for a tie.

The wind was wild and increasing all the time, but the only change that was needed for the service was a slight relocation to be moved inside. Richard worked with the staff at Quamby Estate, the groomsmen and florist, Emily Titmus, to set up helium filled Silver and White balloons, and decorate the inside of Quamby instead of the gardens and it truly looked stunning.

When Olivia walked down the aisle on her father’s arm, it brought a tear to Richard’s eyes and he looked at her like his world had new purpose. It was such a powerful affirmation of his deep love for her and she glowed with happiness.

_MG_6102 _MG_6149 _MG_6119_R7C3257 _R7C3295a

Victoria Simon, as the marriage celebrant, started the ceremony by introducing the Bridal Party; Teresa, Tali, Kurt, Mitch and Sean and the ring bearer, Tali’s young son, Will. She then asked everyone to raise their right hand and repeat after her, the guests’ vows with everyone promising to have a great time and enjoy their special day. All the guests promised to eat all the food, drink all the wine and introduce themselves to others throughout the evening. They promised to bust-a-move on the dance floor and celebrate!


Another really special part of the service was the Love-Lock Ceremony which originated in Eastern Europe … a very fitting ritual as the couple have Lithuanian & Polish heritage. Using a padlock and tiny keys, Olivia and Richard locked together their enduring love, closing the padlocks so they can never be pulled apart.  In this ritual, their love is fastened in absolute, eternal unity. The keys were then tied to a helium balloon and released later in the afternoon. The padlocks were put into a small glass box with their names etched onto it.

Key to My Heart_Wedding_BPhotography  _R7C3645_R7C3655


Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote: “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness” So, I guess you could say that the motif of ‘key to my heart’ became a thing that took and became a life of its own.

Olivia spent hours and hours with family and friends helping to make intricate and meaningful table decorations. Some of the details included vintage key boxes. The image on the rear of the boxes was photoshopped by their friend Tom Wilson, then the purple stencil work on the images was hand painted by Richard and Olivia. Keys inside the boxes were all threaded and tied as part of the ‘Sweat Shop Team’ including Olivia’s parents and some extra support from Kurt’s girlfriend, Emily.

Lizzie Benstead helped create the menus along with Bruno & Debbie Jankus. Lizzie hand glued over 700 pearls to the menus and the gift bags, which had iron on transfers and custom embossed stamping as well. Every single menu at the reception was unique, each having different embellishments. Chinese paper fans lay in a basket with vintage lace lining and were given out to the girls during the speeches.


The candlesticks and metal buckets were hand painted and distressed by Olivia, and she had so much fun doing them! Lots of the tiered cake stands were borrowed from friends and sat on the lolly buffet which had a floral two tiered painted cake stand from Italy, which belonged to Olivia’s grandparents, who had received it for their wedding as a gift, and now has been passed on to the newly weds. The kiss biscuits were an old family recipe, from Liv’s Grandmamma which were baked by her mum, Debbie and her bestie, Tracey, with help from Grandmamma and Kurt.

The Cake was made from purple and green macaroons from Delicious Little Things with a chocolate mud cake on top.  _MG_6046

Kurt, Liv’s ‘bridesman’, stood in for their sister Reanna as maid of honour, and was also the DJ for the night, bringing in his sound gear from home. Hard to believe that all normally lives in his bedroom! Kurt has a healthy respect for classics and the Midnight Special from cars certainly got the people moving!

I was honoured to be a part of Olivia and Richard’s day. Thank you xx

_MG_6654_R7C3676 _R7C3962 _R7C3931 _R7C3868 _R7C3860 _R7C3805 _R7C3804 _R7C3792 _R7C3771 _R7C3769a _R7C3751 _R7C3743 _R7C3739 _R7C3737 _R7C3723 _R7C3703_R7C4004_R7C4125a_R7C4149a_R7C4178 _R7C4615 _R7C4591 _R7C4581 _R7C4572 _R7C4560 _R7C4548 _R7C4542a _R7C4515 _R7C4505 _R7C4478 _R7C4472 _R7C4327 _R7C4304 _R7C4292 _R7C4274 _R7C4268 _R7C4233_R7C4746 _R7C5249 _R7C5208 _R7C5202 _R7C5192 _R7C5177 _R7C5128 _R7C5038 _R7C5023 _R7C4988 _R7C4930 _R7C4925 _R7C4910 _R7C4896 _R7C4881 _R7C4837 _R7C4814 _R7C4805 _R7C4793 _R7C4772 _R7C4762_R7C5572








‘Trash the Dress’ Photoshoot on Flinders Island _ BPhotography

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‘Trash the Dress’ Photoshoot on Flinders Island _ BPhotography

I am smiling writing this post!

When I met up with Rachael and Brendan a year ago to discuss their wedding plans, they mentioned their dogs and how they wished we could include them in their wedding photos, but it all seemed a bit too difficult at the time. As we chatted more and I heard their Honeymoon plans for a 2 week holiday, just a short plane trip off the North East tip of Tasmania, we began to think about a doing a Honeymoon photoshoot with the dogs instead of an engagement photoshoot. BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island001

Over the last year our plan has evolved.

Rachael and Brendan were married on the 16th December at Brickendon, Longford. Such a beautiful ceremony, perfect weather and much love. Their wedding can be seen here http://bphotography.net.au/wedding-vows-with-peonys-roses-and-lace-at-brickendon_bphotography/

They left for Flinders Island on a private charter flight on Monday afternoon with Brendan’s groomsman Jason, his partner Ashley and her son Kobi. Kate, the close family friend they were going to stay with on the Island, flew home with them from the wedding. They had ‘Bear’ their dog and a wedding dress/suit on board as well.

Gary and I joined them on Tuesday the 19th. It was such a fun and relaxing two days. Kate was so welcoming and we all pitched in helping to cook meals and clean up. We got to play with the young orphan wombats she raises and explore the Island. It was stunning and each place we stopped just so beautiful.

We all jumped into the four wheel drive and did some touring on the Tuesday morning and planned for our photoshoot. The sun was shining and it was beautiful and warm, but winds and rain were predicted later in the day, so we brought the timing forward from an evening shoot to a lunch time one.

We started at Lady Barron Beach with old pier posts jutting out at low tide. The sand was white and the water sparklingly clear. The boulders had orange markings and were striking backdrops to the photos. Rachael wore her rose tinged wedding dress, hair loose and walked the beaches barefoot. Brendan wore his pale blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his light tan suit pants and vest. ‘Bear’ was in heaven and ran around in circles and up and down the beach, just wanting to play. It was very romantic.  BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island003 BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island007 BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island009 BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island010 BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island011 BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island012

Then, as the tide came in and the wind began to rise, we moved to Trousers Point nestled below Mount Strzelecki in the National Park. It was a secluded and deserted stretch of sand. We could have been on a tropical island, not one stuck in the cold rugged Bass Strait! The water was blue green and warm, seriously warm! Rachael and Brendan and Bear played in the waters edge, then we climbed up onto the rocks and took photos with Mount Strzelecki covered in light low cloud as the backdrop.

You forget how heavy a wet wedding dress can be, even if it is just a few inches of the bottom when it is so full and has so many layers. Climbing the rocks was a little tricky to maintain Rachael’s balance and at one stage the two of us nearly slipped. Luckily we could laugh about it. And the photos were so worth it.

AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp1BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island004 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp2BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island005 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp3BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island006BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island002 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp4BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island008 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp5BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island013 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp6BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island014 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp7BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island015 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp8BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island016 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp9BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island017 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp10BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island018 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp11BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island019 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp12BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island020 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp13BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island021 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp14BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island022 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp15BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island023 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp16BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island024 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp17BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island025 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp18BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island026 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp19BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island027 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp20BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island028 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp21BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island029 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp22BPhotography_Trash the Dress_ Flinders Island030

Thanks for an amazing time, a wonderful opportunity and such fun company Rachael and Brendan. We loved gatecrashing your honeymoon and adored our ‘Trash the Dress’ Photoshoot on Flinders Island in a celebratory, romantic way. Thanks also for sharing your best friends, Jase and Ashley and for your wonderful hospitality dear Kate. We hope to visit again one day.

I would love to do more destination photoshoots. They are fun and I love ‘creating the moment’ in amazing surroundings and thinking on the spot. Watch this space …

Wedding Vows with Peony’s, Roses and Lace at Brickendon_Bphotography

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Wedding Vows with Peony’s, Roses and Lace at Brickendon_Bphotography

Congratulations to Rachael & Brendan on their beautiful wedding celebrations at Brickendon on Saturday, 13th December 2014.

Brickendon is such a gorgeous setting at this time of year. Green pastures, baby farm animals and love in the air.

Rachael and the girls; Rebecca, Megan, Paige, Cassie, Danielle and Jenna, had their hair and makeup done at the Hair Parlour in Georgetown, before heading into Longford to get ready at the historic Brickendon Cottage. The bride wore a Maggie Sottero dress from Timeless Elegance and Brendan and the guys; Jason, Scott, Ryan and Toby wore light brown suits with vests from Routleys. The Bouquets were filled with pink & peach coloured Peony’s and Roses with touches of mint from Appleblossom Weddings and these flowers were also used to decorate Brickendon barn in mint green vases, old family wedding photographs lined one wall, with touches of antique lace bunting around the room. BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding001 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding002 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding003 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding005 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding006 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding007 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding008 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding010 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding011 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding012 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding013 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding014 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding015 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding016 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding017 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding018 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding019 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding020 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding021 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding022 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding023 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding024 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding025 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding026 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding027 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding028 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding029 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding030 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding031 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding032 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding033 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding034 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding035 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding036 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding037 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding038 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding039 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding041 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding042 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding043 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding044 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding045 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding046 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding047 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding048 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding049 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding050 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding051 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding052 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding053 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding054 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding055 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding056 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding057 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding057a BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding058 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding059 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding061 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding062 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding065 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding067 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding068 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding068a BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding069 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding069a BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding070 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding071 BPhotography_RachaelBrendan_Wedding073

So looking forward to our ‘celebrate the dress’ photoshoot at the beach with Rachael & Brendan’s dogs, Ted & Marley, on Flinders Island tomorrow evening. xx


Congratulations on your Wedding Katrina & Kevin_Bphotography

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Congratulations on your Wedding Katrina & Kevin_Bphotography

Katrina & Kevin got married on the 2nd last day of Spring on a gorgeous property called ‘The Moat’ near Carrick in Northern Tasmania. It was a stunning setting for the family celebration which saw their children and grandchildren in their Bridal party.

There was a carpet of rose petals edged with purple and black golf balls and Katrina’s dog, Mandy, walked her down the decorated aisle. After the wedding vows there was a Rose Ceremony and the official part of the day finished with a surprise guard of honour made by family and friends holding golf sticks above their heads.

The reception was held at JJ’s Bakery in Longford.

BPhotography_Katrina Kevin001 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin002 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin003 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin004 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin005 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin006 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin007 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin008 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin009 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin010 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin011 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin012 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin013 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin014 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin015 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin016 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin017 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin018 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin019 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin020 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin021 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin022 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin023 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin024 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin025 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin026 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin027 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin028 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin029 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin030 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin031 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin032 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin033 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin034 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin035 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin036 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin037 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin038 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin039 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin040 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin041 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin042 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin043 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin044 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin045 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin046 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin047 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin048 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin049 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin050 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin051 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin052 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin053 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin054 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin055 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin056 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin057 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin058 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin059 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin060 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin061 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin062 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin063 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin064 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin065 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin066 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin067 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin068 BPhotography_Katrina Kevin069

Such a lovely afternoon, thank you xx


Commercial Photography at Woodridge Farm_Bphotography

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Commercial Photography at Woodridge Farm_Bphotography

What a treat for me! To photograph the newly established “at Woodbridge Farm” boutique accommodation in Relbia, just outside of Launceston last week.

At Woodridge Farm is a lifestyle accommodation which can accommodate up to 10 guests. Set amongst 8 acres of rolling pasture and 200 year old peppermint gums on the ridge, we offer a unique and tranquil stay where you can relax and enjoy the setting ; feed the black face Suffolk sheep ; feed the chickens and collect their eggs and pick your own vegetables and fruit . The interior has been decorated in a vintage industrial farmhouse style to compliment the home , with some feature key antique pieces. We hope when people visit our property they can enjoy all the features that a small hobby farm has to offer and visit many of the amazing other wineries and great sites available in and around the Launceston area. A full Website will be available soon ; but in the meantime all inquires can be made at thevintagerose8@bigpond.com or by phoning 0409172438.

BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm033 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm169 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm089 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm133 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm061 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm171 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm039 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm071 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm161 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm086 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm029 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm073 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm177 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm018 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm080 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm014 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm094 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm100 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm109 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm110 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm114 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm115 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm122 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm124 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm125 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm130 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm134 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm137 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm139 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm141 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm143 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm148 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm152 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm155 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm012 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm044 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm166 BPhotography_fb At Woodridge Farm173

I Love Weddings _ Congratulations Mr & Mrs Rice _ BPhotography

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I Love Weddings _ Congratulations Mr & Mrs Rice _ BPhotography

I Love Weddings and this one was pretty special to me.

I met Josh and Jenelle through photographing Cameron & Jess’s wedding and we clicked straight away. I loved their sense of humour and love for each other and both the engagement shoot and wedding photography was easy. How could I have any trouble capturing true love?BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding001 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding002 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding003

I photographed Josh and his mates, Lachie, Bradley, Jason, Brett, Trev and Blackie up at his Grandparents farm Mathinna on the Friday night before the wedding. Josh’s Dad, Dean, his brother, Dan, and Grandparents were excited to join in the fun and it was made extra special being in a place Josh had spent so much time at when he was growing up. Bold Hawaiian shirts juxtaposed with the long yellow-green grasses in the paddocks and the soft colour palette of the farm. The chickens and cows were intrigued by the visitors and the whole session was relaxed and fun. We visited the Mathinna Pub before heading home through low cloud. Tassie is just so beautiful. _R7C5127 _R7C5775 _R7C5793

The girls got ready at The Loft Salon in Launceston. I have always wanted to photograph there. Such beautiful light, large open plan salon and awesome hair stylists. Debbie, Jenelle’s Mum watched on while Jenelle, Tegan, Lucy, Dominique and Jadis were pampered and looked so gorgeous in their white singlets and jeans with hair and makeup. I suggested a quick photoshoot nearby before heading out to Strathmore to finish getting ready. BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding004 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding005 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding006 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding007 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding008 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding009 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding010 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding011 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding012 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding013 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding014 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding015 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding016 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding017 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding018 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding019 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding020 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding021 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding022 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding023 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding024 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding025 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding026 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding027 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding028 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding029 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding030 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding031 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding032 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding033 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding034 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding037 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding038 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding039 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding040 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding041 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding042 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding043 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding044 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding045 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding046 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding047 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding048

Strathmore is just past Evandale, an historic home with stunning gardens, just perfect for a wedding ceremony. Josh’s Grandparents had made an archway for the young couple to stand beneath and cute signs were dotted around the grounds to give them a ‘Jenelle & Josh’ feel.

Did I mention “i love weddings”?

The ceremony was led by Dee Potter in front of family and friends on a perfect Saturday afternoon.

We stopped for photos at a couple of places on our way back to the reception at the Cataract on Paterson, including a private house with a huge swing in the backyard. It was very romantic!

Congratulations Jenelle & Josh. Wishing you every happiness in your future lives together and looking forward to continuing to be a part of your adventures.

Belinda xx

A Sparkling Saffire Wedding for Jakki & Ben _ BPhotography

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A Sparkling Saffire Wedding for Jakki & Ben _ BPhotography

It was all the little things that came together to make Jakki & Ben’s Saffire Wedding so special.

Arriving by helicopter on their own, Jakki and Ben had a few moments of peace and quiet before their guests and children arrived at Saffire by car.

BPhotography_JackieBenWedding004 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding005 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding006 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding007 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding008


BPhotography_JackieBenWedding001 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding002 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding003

Their 3 children; Amelie, Billie and Cash played an integral part in the ceremony and the celebrations afterwards. Every little detail was thought of, in creating Jakki & Ben’s Saffire Wedding on the East Coast of Tasmania and it was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. The luxury setting, delectable Tasmanian produce, and impeccable service and attention to detail by the staff at Saffire ensured a magical day. Sheree Larsen, Civil Celebrant, married Jakki & Ben in front of close family on the 12th November 2014, with the magestic Hazards as backdrop for their nuptuals. The weather was perfect and the water sparkled.

BPhotography_JackieBenWedding009 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding010 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding011 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding012 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding013 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding014 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding015 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding016 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding017 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding018 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding019 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding020 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding021 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding022 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding023 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding024 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding025 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding026 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding027 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding028 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding029 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding030 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding031 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding032 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding033 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding034 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding035 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding036 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding037 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding038 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding039 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding040 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding041 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding042 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding043 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding044 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding045 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding046 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding047 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding048 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding049 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding050 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding051 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding052 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding053 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding054 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding055

The children were on their best behaviour and watched with excitement as Jakki & Ben said “I Do”. Amelie was intrigued with the romance of it all and held her flowers proudly, standing and watching, with a real feeling of importance. The smile barely left her face. Billie was intrigued with the flowers, and the confetti and her very pretty dress and happily amused herself and others with her cheeky smile, while Cash slept in his pram through most of the ceremony, but woke in time for family photos and smiled for the rest of the afternoon, especially when the cake was cut.

BPhotography_JackieBenWedding056 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding057 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding058 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding059 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding060 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding061 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding062 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding063 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding064 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding065 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding066 BPhotography_JackieBenWedding067

The children were on their best behaviour and watched with excitement as Jakki & Ben said “I Do”. Amelie was intrigued with the romance of it all and held her flowers proudly, standing and watching, with a real feeling of importance. The smile barely left her face. Billie was intrigued with the flowers, and the confetti and her very pretty dress and happily amused herself and others with her cheeky smile, while Cash slept in his pram through most of the ceremony, but woke in time for family photos and smiled for the rest of the afternoon, especially when the cake was cut.

Thank you for inviting me to be part of such a special day, Jakki & Ben. It was such a pleasure for me xx