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I Love Weddings and this one was pretty special to me.

I met Josh and Jenelle through photographing Cameron & Jess’s wedding and we clicked straight away. I loved their sense of humour and love for each other and both the engagement shoot and wedding photography was easy. How could I have any trouble capturing true love?BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding001 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding002 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding003

I photographed Josh and his mates, Lachie, Bradley, Jason, Brett, Trev and Blackie up at his Grandparents farm Mathinna on the Friday night before the wedding. Josh’s Dad, Dean, his brother, Dan, and Grandparents were excited to join in the fun and it was made extra special being in a place Josh had spent so much time at when he was growing up. Bold Hawaiian shirts juxtaposed with the long yellow-green grasses in the paddocks and the soft colour palette of the farm. The chickens and cows were intrigued by the visitors and the whole session was relaxed and fun. We visited the Mathinna Pub before heading home through low cloud. Tassie is just so beautiful. _R7C5127 _R7C5775 _R7C5793

The girls got ready at The Loft Salon in Launceston. I have always wanted to photograph there. Such beautiful light, large open plan salon and awesome hair stylists. Debbie, Jenelle’s Mum watched on while Jenelle, Tegan, Lucy, Dominique and Jadis were pampered and looked so gorgeous in their white singlets and jeans with hair and makeup. I suggested a quick photoshoot nearby before heading out to Strathmore to finish getting ready. BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding004 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding005 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding006 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding007 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding008 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding009 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding010 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding011 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding012 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding013 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding014 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding015 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding016 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding017 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding018 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding019 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding020 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding021 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding022 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding023 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding024 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding025 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding026 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding027 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding028 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding029 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding030 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding031 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding032 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding033 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding034 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding037 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding038 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding039 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding040 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding041 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding042 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding043 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding044 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding045 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding046 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding047 BPhotography_Jenelle Josh_Wedding048

Strathmore is just past Evandale, an historic home with stunning gardens, just perfect for a wedding ceremony. Josh’s Grandparents had made an archway for the young couple to stand beneath and cute signs were dotted around the grounds to give them a ‘Jenelle & Josh’ feel.

Did I mention “i love weddings”?

The ceremony was led by Dee Potter in front of family and friends on a perfect Saturday afternoon.

We stopped for photos at a couple of places on our way back to the reception at the Cataract on Paterson, including a private house with a huge swing in the backyard. It was very romantic!

Congratulations Jenelle & Josh. Wishing you every happiness in your future lives together and looking forward to continuing to be a part of your adventures.

Belinda xx