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I was excited when Rebecca contacted me about photographing their growing family again. It will be my third venture down to Scamander to do their family portraiture on the east coast of Tasmania.

My first visit was to photograph Amelia when she was just a baby, and then I went back down when Fletcher was a year old. We decided to do more of a documentary style shoot this time when Henry turned one, starting the session at a nearby, favourite watering hole where the kids skimmed rocks and paddled at the waters edge, building dams and just having fun! While rain threatened and we were sprinkled on now and then, this spot was calm and free of the cold winds that hit us when we got to the beach.

But, what a view!! The east coast of Tasmania is one of my favourite places in the world. The bright aqua/turquoise waters were sparkling in the intermittent sunshine with white frothy caps, contrasting starkly with the grey clouds and soft shapes of the blue haze mountains as a backdrop. There wasn’t another person around … pure magic. Small shells were dotted along the white sandy beach. The kids and Fergus, their dog, were in heaven running along the waters edge, splashing, jumping the waves and playing with with their Mum and Dad, Rebecca and Scott.



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Thank you so much for asking me to come and photograph your gorgeous family. It was so much fun! I know you said no more kids, Scott … we will have to think of another reason to photograph you again.

Belinda x