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Despite it being the weekend most likely to snow (if you go by the stats for the last twenty years), the lack of snow and the ‘flattened’ groomsman (a cardboard cutout after the aforementioned groomsman was deployed on Naval Duty), added to the uniqueness of this incredible celebration of love between Bec and Brad in the Heritage Listed; Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park .

Bron and I drove up to the Cradle Mountain Chateau http://www.cradlemountainchateau.com.au/on Friday afternoon and went exploring after unpacking our things. It was incredibly mild compared to the weather we had been experiencing recently and my Bride’s hopes of a white wedding became less and less likely as the afternoon wore on. I set out to have a look around the area to get some ideas for photography, knowing the Bride and Groom were seeing each other for a “First Look” before the wedding ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

The wedding and reception were to be held in the Wilderness Gallery, a purpose built showcase for environmental photography. Most of the images on display in the ten room gallery are taken by Australian photographers including a room devoted to Peter Dombrovskis Tasmanian Landscape work. There was an abundance of natural light flooding the spaces and a warmth that invited you to linger and enjoy.

Well, you can imagine my excitement at finding a tiny bit of unmelted snow in a protected spot on the south side of the Wilderness Gallery! I quickly found the ‘groom to be’ and asked him for the rings, knowing the snow would be all melted by the next morning. I photographed the bouquets by Janita Preshaw from www.beautifulflowersnadgifts.com.au¬† in the same spot. The flowers looked absolutely stunning laying on a log we found nestled in amongst the moss and lichen.

Bron and I had an early start on Saturday morning, photographing the bride and her bridesmaids in their room enjoying breakfast and getting excited about the day ahead. We checked on the groom and his friends in the dining area and made plans for the day.

I started photographing the details in amongst mossy branches and little nooks and crannies, which became far more challenging than I originally thought it would be. An unpredictable gusty breeze and intermittent rain adding to the challenges of setting up the props and keeping them safe. The wildlife kept me company with potaroos, pademelons, Bennets wallabies, currawongs and ravens, all most intrigued with the soft white fabric I used as a tent structure, pegged to the nearby branches. My attempt to protect shoes, ties, jewellery and their printed vows from the elements and create diffused lighting paid off.

The ‘First Look’ was achieved on the start of the hiking track that fringes the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The weather had improved and the sun shone through light cloud. I placed Brad just below their accommodation, with Bec’s Mum, her hairdresser and all the bridal party watching on. It was so romantic. Myrtle, tree ferns, celery top & King Billy pines and the palm-like Pandani and Button Grasses lined the track. Brad had his back turned and I encouraged Bec to get closer and closer. To whisper in his ear, but wouldn’t let Brad turn around … not yet. It is always a very special moment … The first time the groom lays his eyes on his beautiful bride. Emotions ran high and the Groom’s response was perfect. Utter delight, a tear in his eye and an involuntary soft expletive, Brad was totally mesmerised by the radiance of his Bride-to-be. Bec glowed and bursting with happiness, twirled in her dress before they finally embraced, unaware of anyone else in their world for that brief moment.

We all jumped onto a bus to be taken into the National Park, rich with geological heritage carved out by glacial activity over the last 2 million years. The delicate ecosystem is protected and as a result, there is an abundance of wildlife, too. Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park is a very special place. It is one of the 28 sites of the 936 listed that comes under the Natural AND Culturally significant properties of the world.

Bridal Party photos were taken around Dove Lake with a light veil of cloud covering the Cradle. The light was beautiful …

Waldheim Chalet and nature track, just a minute away from the carpark, was our next stop. The ancient temperate rainforest was filled with all the elements Bec and Brad love and created a magical backdrop for their wedding photos. A highlight was when a wombat casually crossed our path and allowed a brief moment to be photographed with the Bride and Groom ‘to-be’.

Relieved smiles and excited chatter filled the bus on the drive back to the Chateau. One hour to refresh before the ceremony was perfect.

Bron and I went up to the Wilderness Gallery and were so impressed with the setup. White chairs with pink ties, white tablecloths with fragile handcut rectangles of slate to protect the tables from the beeswax candles in all different sizes. The cardboard cutout of Ben, the absent groomsman, so lifelike in the corner at the end of the bridal table.

Two flower girls in white with matching pink ribbons around their waist, excitedly showed me their flowers and shoes. Everyone was seated and we made our way into the Gallery where Brad was waiting, hands crossed nervously, but the happiest smile on his face. Vows exchanged, family and friend photographed together and then the party started!

Congratulations Bec and Brad, your wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and Bron and I were honoured to share in it with you both. Such an incredible part of the world to start your life together.

Thank you xxxBPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain001 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain002 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain003 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain004 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain005 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain006 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain007 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain008 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain009 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain010 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain011 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain012 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain013 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain014 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain015 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain016 BPhotography_Wedding_CradleMountain017You may also like to read about a wedding I styled in and apple orchard  http://bphotography.net.au/congratulations-to-emma-scott-on-their-wedding-at-grindelwald-tasmania_bphotography/