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I loved meeting up with Natasha and Ben recently and thoroughly enjoyed seeing how much Audrey had grown and cuddling little Charlie for the first time.BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait107BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait006BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait069BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait033 

I get a real connection to my portrait and wedding clients with repeat photography sessions over the years. This connection is made even stronger when we have known each other for so long and worked together in the past.

Ben and Natasha both worked at Scotch Oakburn College when I was there as the School Publicity and Marketing Photographer for 8.5 years. I first met Ben on the senior campus where he had the role of physical education teacher and coach of the first’s football team. Over the years I watched Ben’s development and transition from a PE teacher on the senior campus to deputy head of the junior campus with a passion and aptitude for teaching in the classroom environment. In both roles I saw that he was loved and admired by students and staff.

Natasha joined Scotch Oakburn College as a dance teacher in my last couple of years there when my daughter Kate was in year 10. I remember how much she enjoyed having more formal choreography from Natasha with gentle direction for someone who didn’t have any past training for the musicals Grease and Cabaret. Natasha worked with so many students on the senior campus in many different genres and the result was always outstanding.

Natasha now has her own dance school in Launceston, the Dance Academy 34 specializing in Ballet, Contemporary and Highland Dancing. Natasha represented Tasmania in the Highland Dancing Championships in Scotland in 1999 and is also passionate about her love of dancing and teaching dance!

I can’t wait to see Audrey performing on the dance stage in years to come.BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait007 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait009 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait015 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait017 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait018 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait022 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait023 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait028  BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait042 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait044 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait055 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait058 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait062  BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait071 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait072 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait075 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait078 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait079 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait080 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait085 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait094 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait096 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait097 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait099 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait101  BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait109 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait112 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait113 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait119 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait123 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait126 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait129 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait131 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait133 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait136 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait138 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait139 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait148 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait155 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait157 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait164 BPhotography_GreenFamily_portrait165

So, you can understand that I was very excited to be asked to photograph both their engagement and wedding many years ago, capturing the essence of who they were both as individuals and as a couple. And now I get to see them become a family and that makes me so very happy!!

What an honour to see this beautiful family grow. Thank you Ben and Natasha xx