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It wasn’t until I was replying to a post comment on my website yesterday that it suddenly dawned on me … where is my profile picture??? Why don’t I have one when I reply to posts on WordPress?

No matter how hard I searched my blog help menu, nothing solved my problem. So I did the next best thing and I Googled it!

Thank goodness for the amazing people who give back to the internet community through Open Source Forums. They truly are a godsend to people like me who grew up before the World Wide Web was a public domain. I push myself to learn new technology all the time and understand what is trending, but I can still miss the obvious, and in case there are others like me; here is what I found!

In computing terminology, an avatar is the graphical representation of a user or a user’s alter ego or character, while gravatar is an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar. 

While I used Gravatar to make my gravatar, there are 2 other Open Source alternatives I found during my search: Contact Identicons and Ibravatar. Please feel free to look any of them up and use the one that suits you best.

I am now visible when I post comments on my own and other sites and that makes me happy!