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Extended family photoshoots are always very special. It is often hard to get everyone together, especially when you have 16 children and most have partners and children of their own. I love the connection between families; siblings; grandchildren with their grandparents and cousins.  Thank you for asking me to photograph the family that could be there Pat. I loved it as usual!! _R7C7699


Pat and Bert Howard, are described by Linda McKenzie (author of the book ‘What Colour is Love?’) as the pioneers of inter-country adoption, paving the way for many other Australian families to realise their dreams of parenthood.  They have 1 biological son, 3 locally adopted children and 12 children from overseas nations including Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Mauritius, Fiji and Vanuatu. Repeatedly, Pat faced battles with government bureaucracy intent on discouraging such adoptions. 


Beautiful family … Thank you for asking me xx_R7C7256 _R7C7275 _R7C7286aa _R7C7298 _R7C7308 _R7C7328 _R7C7332a _R7C7348 _R7C7352bawaasepia _R7C7362 _R7C7378 _R7C7392 _R7C7416 _R7C7431baw _R7C7443 _R7C7453 _R7C7472a _R7C7483 _R7C7507 _R7C7513 _R7C7531a _R7C7543a _R7C7546 _R7C7555 _R7C7562 _R7C7576 _R7C7588a _R7C7593a _R7C7604a _R7C7616a _R7C7628 _R7C7634 _R7C7636 _R7C7647 _R7C7658 _R7C7659 _R7C7671 _R7C7678 _R7C7685 _R7C7693 _R7C7696