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I have known Anna since she was in the Junior School at Scotch Oakburn College and photographed her as she grew into a beautiful young woman at school. I was honoured to be asked to photograph her wedding to Damon Thomas a few years ago and have loved sharing the wonderful journey they have continued on through my photography.

When Anna told me of her news becoming pregnant we knew it would heave to be a special shoot to tie in all the elements we created at their wedding. Anna and Damon had handmade little signs for the couple photoshoot on the beach at Freycinet on the Tasmanian East Coast before their reception “I am with him” “I am with her” and we loved the images produced! So with that in mind I suggested that they make a tiny “We Love You Already” and I adored their interpretation of my idea.

They also brought along a special book ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan and we used it creatively amongst the plants. The beautiful setting we chose made for the most incredible backdrop with perfect lighting. Can’t wait to photograph their new baby in the same setting. Already a hundred ideas are filling our minds!

Congratulations Anna and Damon. I can’t wait to hear the news of the Birth of your first child and be there to capture the next stage of your lives as young parents. xxx_R7C2270 _R7C2283 _R7C2303 _R7C2355 _R7C2373 _R7C2406 _R7C2414 _R7C2424 _R7C2435 _R7C2442 _R7C2473 _R7C2520 _R7C2562 _R7C2571 _R7C2582 _R7C2583 _R7C2591 _R7C2636 _R7C2643 _R7C2649 _R7C2715 _R7C2724 _R7C2770 _R7C2791 _R7C2833 _R7C2857 Pregnancy Photoshoot _ BPHotography