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Sonia and Jonny Got Married.

On a perfect Spring Day in Tasmania, wedding bells rang for Sonia and Jonny, as they said their vows to each other in St John’s Church, Launceston, in a service led by Andrew Corbett from the Legana Christian Church.

The handmade order of service fitted with the theme of the day. Family and friends had spent hours making decorations for the church and reception venue; Velo Wines, Legana. Musical notes and love hearts were placed at the end of pews in the church and tied with organza bows, while thousands of glittery and shiny dots had been punched and strung as a curtain backdrop for the bridal table and around the front of it to sit like a skirt. Tables were brimming with romantic quotes, floral displays and candles. It all had a very intimate and happy feel.

As it was Grand Final Day and none of the bridal party were particularly interested in football. The service was held 1.30pm and reception not till 6, which gave guests the opportunity to go and watch the football and meant the bridal party could relax and have lots of photos taken.

What an amazing day! I just have to mention a few of the people behind the scenes. Firstly, a huge thank you to Bron Matthews for her amazing photography skills in capturing the boys beforehand and assisting me photographing the service. Two perspectives make for a wonderful record of the ceremony and capture the story of the day. The brides hair was done by Stephanie Brinkman owner of Lush Hair at the Seaport, Makeup by Natalie Stone. The dress was from Little White Boutique in Launceston and flowers from Kings Meadows Florist. It was such a pleasure to find that Juliane Di Sisto had flown in especially to sing with a great band and everyone was up dancing. Celebrating the fact that Sonia and Jonny Got Married!

I love weddings xx

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