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I was interviewed following the Social Media Planning workshop I recently attended. Just thought I’d share it :-))

Belinda Fettke from BPhotography – talks about Social Media Planning Workshop

Last week I spent a day with Michelle and Simon Frost from Michon International working out a Social Media Plan for 2014 with 9 other people who like me, have small businesses based in Launceston. It was fascinating to talk to these people including Lynne Davies from Davies Grand Central, Damien Ivereigh from Launtel, Ken Upchurch and Andrew Lovitt from AutoRent-Hertz, Felicity Crowthers from Pro3Products,  Jane Oakley-Lohm from Launceston Bed and Breakfast retreat, a couple of physiotherapists, Anne King an Environ Skincare/beautician from the Bladerunner, Charles and Jackie Cox, another local photographer :-)

I highly recommend getting your head around the use of Social Media for any Small Business. It was a great opportunity for us all :-)

room-fullThanks for the photo Michelle!