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“A Picture Tells a Thousand Words”.
Does your business profile picture tell the thousand words you want it to?

I offer the following 9 tips for ‘profile picture perfection’. http://bphotography.net.au/?p=3453  These tips are not intended to offend anyone, but rather to encourage you to sit back and ‘take a look at yourself’ objectively. To see yourself as others may see you and make sure it is exactly what you want.

This article discusses my 4th ‘Tip to Profile Picture Perfection’ :-

4.  Does Your Profile Picture Appear Professional?

No, this doesn’t mean you necessarily have to go and have a professional photo taken, but it does need to ‘look professional'; it needs to have good lighting, your face needs to be in focus, and you should aim for an uncluttered background. No bathroom selfies, sorry.

Scrolling through the hundreds of blank and poor image quality profile pictures on my social media feeds, I always love it when one grabs my attention. When i see an image that has impact. Is clear and I become engaged with the subject before I even know who they are. I get even more excited when I see a face I recognise …

And this beautiful face belongs to a special young woman.

I worked at Scotch Oakburn College as the school’s marketing and PR photographer for 8.5 years and first met Tara Anstie when she was in year 7. She was a good friend of my son’s at school and here she is now, the director of a company!! Where has the time gone?

I was captivated by Tara’s profile picture initially, then so impressed with her company branding – ‘be at the top, lead the pack and set the trend’. Tara is the Director of Echelon Marketing and firmly believes in empowering young people and small businesses with strategies to develop and implement marketing plans to succeed. Growing up immersed in Social Media and understanding the implications it has on small businesses, Tara develops up to date marketing strategies and brand development. Using her personal strengths, natural charisma and industry experience, Tara is able to ensure Echelon Marketing’s clients get the results they desire.

First impressions make lasting impressions and Tara understands that her profile picture is the first point of reference for most people she will network with on-line. She knows the importance of using a professional looking profile picture on her business platforms. Her image is clear and her face is in focus. The background is not distracting and her intended audience is completely engaged with her openness and her smile. She appears highly motivated and describes herself as bold, action orientated, creative and full of energy, just like the young girl I remember. 

Tara is involved with The Young Professional Network, Tasmania which is designed to provide young professionals with personal development and networking opportunities so they develop a strong attachment with, and connection to, this region and state. Tara’s profile picture is entirely industry appropriate and will no doubt engage potential clients to both herself and her business.

This young woman has a mature and confident approach to business and will no doubt, go far in her chosen field.