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“A Picture Tells a Thousand Words”.
Does your business profile picture tell the thousand words you want it to?

I offer the following 9 tips for ‘profile picture perfection’. http://bphotography.net.au/?p=3453  These tips are not intended to offend anyone, but rather to encourage you to sit back and ‘take a look at yourself’ objectively. To see yourself as others may see you and make sure it is exactly what you want.

This article discusses my 2nd ‘Tip to Profile Picture Perfection’ :-

2. Is Your Business Profile Picture ‘Up To Date’?

It is important to have an ‘up to date’, recognisable picture of yourself on your business social media profiles. Potential customers and clients, current and future employers/employees and people you network want to know who they are dealing with.

You want your public profile picture to make an impact and leave a lasting impression on your intended audience. Just make sure you do it for the right reasons :-)

No matter how much you love that picture of yourself from 10/20/30 years ago, times change and people change. A picture from the eighties looks like a picture from the eighties! Even if it is as cute a picture as this one of Gary and I when we first started dating<3 … I love the ‘blast from the past’ and my close friends might get a smile, but people I want to do business with will just be confused. What message am I sending?

My advice – keep old photos of yourself and memorabilia on your personal pages.

Update your profile picture every few years, so when you get a chance to meet up with people you network or do business with, they won’t wonder who on earth you are? You want to come across as confident with who you are now, not hide behind a profile that suggests you aren’t comfortable with yourself? Or maybe that you haven’t had time for 10 years or longer or worse still, you couldn’t be bothered updating your profile!

Even if you wished you still lived in the eighties, don’t hide from the person you are now. Embrace the present so you can live in the future.

Your profile picture significantly enhances your on-line business presence. Make sure it is current and the best it can be.