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“A Picture Tells a Thousand Words”.
Does your business profile picture tell the thousand words you want it to?

I offer the following 9 tips for ‘profile picture perfection’. http://bphotography.net.au/?p=3453  These tips are not intended to offend anyone, but rather to encourage you to sit back and ‘take a look at yourself’ objectively. To see yourself as others may see you and make sure it is exactly what you want.

This article discusses my 6th ‘Tip to Profile Picture Perfection’ :-

6.  Is Your Profile Picture ‘Just You’?

I just have to clarify this point again …”just you”!!

No husbands, no babies, no pets! Seriously, don’t do it.

Don’t be judged on your home-life, especially as a young woman holding a baby. The first thought that comes to mind is; ‘this woman may not be ready to leave her child, she looks way too comfortable in her mothering role’. That isn’t to say women aren’t incredibly capable of closing the door gently on family to take on a business position and work equally as hard and deliver as well as any man. But, if you have a business profile picture with a child on your hip and family included, it isn’t ‘just you’ that is viewed in those brief few moments. It is your entire family and homelife …

As an employee you could be a liability; sick days with kids … I understand, I am a Mum, too! Don’t be judged by that first glance at your profile picture. Prove you are capable of the job and can leave your family life where it belongs. At home!

Fill your private Facebook page with all your extra’s and if anyone stalks you they will see that you have a million friends,  are happily married, are a great Mum or Dad and love your cat <3

Just look at Ari Powell.

Not only is she a great mum, wife and homemaker, but she is a successful business woman on many fronts. Polish Your Sparkle is a business she began in 2011, helping people to achieve more and feel happier in both their work life and home life. She teaches secondary students English in a Virtual Learning Environment and on top of that; has just launched the Tasmanian Branch of the Empowered Mum’s Business Network in Launceston. Ari is passionate about helping people, especially women, to empower themselves. The weekly meetings have a focus on successful, inspirational guest speakers and workshop training and are run every Tuesday morning during school term. They also offer exciting networking and marketing opportunities. You don’t have to be a mum, you don’t even have to be a woman but they do offer a unique appreciation of the needs of business mums and there is childminding on the premises.

Guest speakers have included;

Johanna Baker-Dowdell; Storyteller: Author, Journalist, PR Consultant, Blogger, PhD Candidate

Christine Hepburn; Customer experience strategist, Corporate Trainer, Professional Facilitator, Consultant, Professional Speaker

Jo Palmer; Southern Cross Nightly Newsreader, Journalist, Former Miss Tasmania and in 1993 she was awarded Miss Australia

Belinda Fettke; Photographer, Social Media Marketer, Profile Picture Perfection

If you would like to attend one of the upcoming meetings to hear Ari Powell speak on motivation and moving your business forward, Celine Egan on effective business networking and more in the next few weeks, please book through Eventbrite http://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/empowered-mums-business-network-launceston-6326128071

Your profile picture significantly enhances your on-line business presence. Make sure it is all about you!