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Chatting to Chris and Claire about their life together and what it was like settling into their first home with Ace & Kiara, their two Border Collies, got me thinking. As we continued our initial discussions about their wedding plans, it became even clearer in my mind as to how we should go about their engagement photoshoot …

I admit it! I love romance, and this proposal was seriously romantic.

Chris brought back perfumes as gifts for Claire from business trips. He kept giving her perfumes till one day there was an extra surprise when she opened the perfume box. It contained an engagement ring. As she sat there comprehending what it all meant, Chris read his handwritten, heartfelt poem to her. I am certain that her smile just grew wider and wider and of course, Claire said yes!

I suggested telling their engagement story ‘visually’ by incorporating the poem Chris wrote and the perfume bottles in their engagement photoshoot. Kiara and Ace joined in as well, how could they not?

Chris and Claire love nature and outdoor spaces with Quamby Bluff holding a special place in their hearts. So we set off on an adventure. A photoshoot ‘crawl’ that took us from their front doorstep one Saturday afternoon, to stands of poplars, romantic sweeping driveways, the roadside at Hadspen and onto a quiet country road with the most perfect view of Quamby Bluff, just as the sun was setting low on the horizon. We used fishing line to tie the final perfume bottle to the barbed wire fence and placed the other perfumes amongst the grasses, with pieces of the poem on small bits of paper strung along the fence. It was beautiful and romantic and I can’t wait to see the album they are having made from this very special photo shoot.

I can’t wait for their wedding!!

Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your day and to capture the essence of you both and your deep love for each other. I am honoured xx aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement001 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement009 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement013 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement017 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement021 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement028 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement031 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement035 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement037 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement050 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement053 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement057 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement069 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement072 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement075 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement080 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement082 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement089 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement093 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement097 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement098 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement103 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement112 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement115 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement121 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement125 aBPhotography_ChrisClaire_Engagement134