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The clouds gathered quickly, darkening the sky as I drove out to Clover Hill Vineyard for Madeleine and Toby’s Engagement Photoshoot earlier this year. I was greeted with a relieved smile as I finally drove up to meet them, having gotten myself slightly lost on the way.
The sky cleared and the late afternoon sunshine bathed the landscape in a golden hue.
The photoshoot was so much fun with Bessie, their Border Collie and Banjo, a Pointer x joining in the excitement of exploring the Clover Hill Vineyard looking for backdrops and beautiful lighting to compliment the shoot.
Clover Hill Vineyard is situated near Tasmania’s Pipers River, an area becoming known for being ideally suited for growing the “holy trinity”of sparkling chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. Vines are close-spaced and planted in deep, red volcanic soil in a frost-free amphitheatre, orientated north/south to maximise sunlight exposure which was perfect for the images I had in mind.
As Toby and Madeleine relaxed in front of the camera they became less and less aware of me there and the photoshoot really did become about them and their love for each other. They are a fun, playful couple who consider their dogs part of their family and this is reflected in the images.There were so many amazing backdrops and unique settings to discover as we wandered around the property where Madeleine had spent her childhood. I learned about how they met and their thoughts on life and love.
I am very much looking forward to photographing their Wedding at Clover Hill later this month and also somehow incorporating their love of basketball at the Launceston Indoor Sports Arena into the location shoot afterwards … Watch this space!







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