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I was honoured to not only photograph a wedding last Friday, but I also got to sign Joanne and Bruce’s Marriage Certificate.

The couple from Western Australia contacted me a few months ago and told me of their plan to elope in Tasmania.It all sounded romantic and beautiful and I couldn’t wait to meet them and capture their story to share with their family when they got back home.

Joanne was wearing a full length wedding gown with short cropped jacket and a beaded clip in her hair which had been done at Bladerunner Prospect. Her flowers were stunning.

I love photographing small intimate weddings and this one was very special. A vow of love and a pledge to keep each other safe. Joanne and Bruce thanked each other in their vows; for helping each of them learn to smile again and I know that Dee Potter, as celebrant, Lydia Nettlefold, as owner of the Red Feather Inn and I all felt their deep commitment witnessing their betrothal in the gardens of the Inn at Hadspen, Tasmania and basked in the wonderful autumn afternoon light as they sipped champagne and had photos taken.

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