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Kochie’s Business Builders’ $100K Rescue My Site_BPhotography nominated!

Thank you to the very kind person who considered that my website BPhotography should be nominated in this competition as a Local Legend (in the Local Legend category). I am truly honoured :-)

It would be so exciting to win as I have just been attending the online Social Media Success Summit #SMSS2014 and am a little overwhelmed by all the incredible resources I could use to take my small business website even further.

Thank you in advance for considering my nomination. Please help me get a makeover by clicking the link http://www.rescuemysite.com.au/nomination/bphotography-net-au/

David Koch, Kochie’s Business Builders, “believes when it comes to an online presence, Australian small businesses are lagging way behind. Less than 50% have any website at all, even though having a website makes you twice as likely to be growing. That number drops to 35% for businesses with less than 5 employees”.

KBB Digital is on a mission to transform the way Aussie businesses do business online. We’re here to ensure every shop and office, garage and kitchen, van and farm, salon and practice, is reaching their potential with a digital presence like no other. Small business is the engine of the economy, let’s keep that engine oiled and powering ahead. For more about Kochie’s Rescue My Website Competition, head here.

Sponsored by Renault, Driving small business and KBB, the Digital, web and search marketing experts for Australian small business.

Please share the details of this competition on your social media platforms and with your Facebook friends. For more information watch Kochie’s Business Builders, Australia’s top rating TV program for small business expertise, 11am Sunday mornings on Channel 7.

You may know a business that needs their website nominated, too :-)

Thank you.

If you would like to read more about BPhotography, see my commission for Jetstar’s Inflight Magazine @ http://bphotography.net.au/?p=4105