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Over 300 people attended Gary Fettke’s public talk at the Tailrace Centre, Launceston on Friday the 6th December 2013. The 2 hour talk was pushed out to 3 hours with many people staying back for the question and answer session at the end. Everyone I spoke to just had such positive comments to make. I was so proud of him. _R7C4396

_R7C4394Gary believes “the consumption of Sugar and Polyunsaturated Seed Oils combine in our diet to create inflammation in every blood vessel wall and in every tissue in every organ of the body. The addition of refined carbohydrates including bread, rice and pasta only aggravates the damage process.


Fructose (50% of Sugar), Polyunsaturated Oils and Refined Carbohydrates look to be the major contributors to most of our modern conditions including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer and a raft of other condition.


This is the problem for us all and our children – right now!


It just finally makes sense!”

NoFructose aims to put a complex topic into basic ideas and practical advice. It is a sustainable concept. It is not a diet. For more information please go to Gary’s website  http://www.nofructose.com/






_R7C4356It was great that Lib Archer was able to set up a table to promote Wholefood Cereals. _R7C4335Special thanks must go to Joan McManus, Helene Woods, Briohny Kerrison, Megan Fettke and Bron Matthews for all their help in both the leadup and on the door on the night. _R7C4328


Thank you to Rob Fairs (LAFM) for being the No Fructose ‘Poster Boy’ losing a massive 19kg following the recommendations of the No Fructose Diet in just 12 weeks despite a nasty broken ankle and no exercise! These photos below are from the Coles Kings Meadows Tour they did together to read labels and find ‘good foods’. fb_BPhotography_Belinda Fettke_No Fructose_Gary Fettke_LAFM_Fairsie's Fat Busters 16 fb_BPhotography_Belinda Fettke_No Fructose_Gary Fettke_LAFM_Fairsie's Fat Busters

Thanks must also go to Gavin Nation (Nation Technology) for videoing the talk which will soon be up on YouTube._R7C4337