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Thanks to Priscilla and her wonderful extended family for inviting me to spend the late afternoon/evening with them recently up at Shearwater Beach opposite Hawley House where Priscilla and Jamie had been married 2 years ago. Lots of memories filled us all. It was so special to return there to do another photo session; this time the growing families were the focus. Being at the beach allowed the children to expend a lot of energy and the gorgeous sounds of fun and laughter were carried along the waves they jumped over. In this instance images speak much louder than words xxpjf005 pjf006 pjf008 pjf010 pjf022 pjf027 pjf031 pjf032 pjf039  pjf061 pjf064 pjf066 pjf068 pjf073 pjf079 pjf085 pjf091 pjf094 pjf097 pjf107 pjf110 pjf115 pjf119 pjf122 pjf133 pjf135 pjf138 pjf140 pjf159 pjf162 pjf169 pjf175 pjf179 pjf184 pjf188 pjf192 pjf193 pjf195 pjf196 pjf198 pjf201 pjf206 pjf211 pjf213 pjf221 pjf228 pjf230 pjf237 pjf238 pjf239 pjf240 pjf252 pjf254_1 pjf255 pjf256 pjf260_1 pjf262_1 pjf264 pjf274 pjf279 pjf285 pjf291 pjf297 pjf298 pjf303 pjf314