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After photographing Tess and Cameron on their farm at Scottsdale for their pregnancy shoot a couple of months ago, it was with much excitement that I returned to meet the new addition to their family – young Bridget.TCP079




BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess071Congratulations Tess and Cameron, Bridget is just so cute and we had such a lovely time taking these photographs. There is something very special about new family’s. Love, chaos and learning what it means to have responsibilities for another human being beyond anything you have known before. I walked into the house to see pink things everywhere and flowers and congratulatory messages. Beautiful homecoming. Cameron was so gentle with his newborn daughter and Tess a natural born Mum. Look forward to catching up again soon.Belinda Fettke-BPhotography-Family Portrait-Tess 3

Belinda Fettke-BPhotography-Family Portrait-Tess 1

Belinda Fettke-BPhotography-Family Portrait-Tess 2

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess007

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess011

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess015

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess023 

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess073

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess002

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess092

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess094

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess096

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess100

BPhotography-Belinda Fettke-Family-Tess101