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A few weeks ago now I had the pleasure to work on a collaboration photoshoot with Little White Boutique in Launceston. http://littlewhiteboutique.com.au/

Robyn Greenwood supplied the most exquisite bridal gowns from Anna Campbell Designs, Love Found True, Watters, Rachel Gilbert and Allure Bridal with lingerie from Gooseberry Intimates and accessories by Anna Campbell and Samantha Wills. These amazing gowns  are unique and affordable.

Brianna Schipper, professional makeup artist http://www.briannaschipper.com/  is inspirational to watch. I have worked with her many times at weddings we are both involved in and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She makes all her clients feel comfortable and look the way they dreamed of, whether that is one of the models we used in our collaboration or a bride on her wedding day. She is truly an artist and the models looked incredible.

Hairdressers – Arianne from the Bladerunner, Prospect salon https://www.facebook.com/BladeRunnerProspect  and Jess Manning https://www.facebook.com/jess.manning.336  created stunning looks for the models with bohemian, current and trending hairstyles.

A huge thank you to our models Tanisha Koops, Phoebe Purser, Sophie Jones, Brogan Howie-Wootton and Megan Quillam. You were all professional and so much fun to work with xxx

Thank you also to Robyn’s husband for helping move all the dresses and assistance with the props and pack up. To my amazing husband Gary, for helping to build sets and props and for having all those women in your kitchen/lounge all day and lastly, but not least; thank you to my dear sister Bron Matthews for always being in the right spot, carting heavy chairs and my camera equipment around and having reflectors and cards at the ready and most importantly, for your amazing support over the entire day. We were both physically exhausted that night, but so happy with the images .

Every Tasmanian ‘bride to be’ should visit Little White Boutique and take a look at the huge range of dresses and accessories Robyn has in store. You won’t be disappointed!

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