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August the 16th 2014 … what an amazing day!

400 people with a similar desire to learn more about nutrition and toxic free sustainable living, sat in the auditorium at Wrest Point Casino and immersed themselves in personal stories, inspirational messages and the science behind nutrition and disease.

Over the course of the day we became immersed in the Health and Wellness Conference Jo Smith from Primal Living had organised. Key presenters included; Dr Gary Fettke sharing ‘thegaryscience'; Dr Zeeshan Arain (the current Melbourne Demons AFL doctor and General Practitioner) discussing the role of nutrition in exercise and sports performance; Dr Rod Taylor, anaesthesiologist in Melbourne, spreading the word about healthy low carb living and the obesity epidemic in Australia.

Christine Cronau, best-selling author and public speaker exposes the “fat revolution”, David Gillespie, author of Sweet Poison discusses toxic oils and our health, and Alexx Stuart gently reminded us to about the art of ‘Mindful Eating’. I also loved her message about “Dropping the guilt, learn what you need to learn and MOVE FORWARD, excited about what will change today!”  Crystal Fieldhouse, a certified food coach makes her own skincare line using organic ingredients that are 100 % natural and perfect for sensitive skin. Guy Lawrence, 180 Nutrition, talked about his “amazing journey to better health” and Jenna Lovell, writer, speaker and health advocate explained how nutrition awareness and eating low carb/high fat had improved her life dramatically, by lessening the effects of her haemophilia.

Then we met Rohan Anderson, truly a man ‘larger than life’! After sharing his journey from childhood on a small rustic farm in Victoria to adulthood in the corporate world, we learned about how sick he became from eating and preparing ‘the wrong foods’. Obesity, high blood pressure and depression had him looking down the barrel with an early death imminent. Something had to change … He gave up the corporate world and moved back to the country with his family. He now grows, gathers and hunts most of his food and has learnt to live healthily again. 

Last, but certainly not least, we heard from Gerard Crochon, a passionate farmer who was once a French Cook and decided he wanted to raise cattle for prime beef. He wanted to do it ‘his way’, believing the quality, texture and flavour of beef comes from healthy soil and mindful farming. Treating the animals with respect and nuturing them without stress in their environment or daily life. ‘Paddock to plate’ vision …

It is all about changing the way we eat. Eliminating toxic polyunsaturated fats and processed foods, reducing carbohydrates, not ingesting chemically manufactured ‘numbers’ and being mindful about waste.

And it isn’t hard to do.

The biggest investment we can make is for our health and wellbeing, and after being part of this conference on Saturday, I know we aren’t on this journey alone which makes me very excited about the future!

Nutrition for Life, the Diabetes and Health Research Centre, founded by my amazing husband, Gary Fettke, will open its doors on the 1st day of Spring 2014. We have a passionate, inspiring team assisting us and look forward to working with people in a truly sustainable approach where reaching your full ‘health’ potential is our number one focus.

Lower Carbohydrate, Higher natural Fat (LCHF) is scientifically proven to be the most effective option in the management of diabetes, obesity and an increasing number of inflammation based conditions.

Our Diabetes and Health Research Centre provides you with a fully qualified and supportive service that will provide personalised nutrition care for your most valuable asset – your health.

Take control of your health, feel the best you have ever felt and start a journey you won’t want to leave.


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