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Thank you to Jenny, Sarah, Stuart and Linda for inviting me to photograph their Dad’s 80th Birthday Celebrations in May.

Their Dad was former Carlton AFL player, Berkley Cox who was revealed as one of the 150 club legends to celebrate the Blue’s 150 Year Anniversary in March. It was a real honour to be included in this exclusive list. A minimum of 50 games had to have been played with over 5 years service to the club. Berkley started his Mighty Blues career in 1958 after being recruited from the Tasmanian Club City South. He played 102 games for the club finishing his career in 1965. During his time with Carlton, he played centreman and was described as tenacious and reliable. He kicked 45 career goals for the Blues.

There was football memorabilia around the house the party was held at and a slideshow of his life, including many pictures of his time as a Blues player, travelling between Launceston and Melbourne with his lovely wife, June. The cake was a football field and the candles, footballs.

Family and friends celebrated with much reminiscing and laughter.

A very special occasion. 

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