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I am so excited to share in the next chapter of Pip and Adam’s lives. I photographed their wedding in 2012 and now join them to celebrate the Birth of Evelyn Lark Glover. Such a precious little babe.

I entered their home and embraced the calmness. Little Evie was sound asleep in Pip’s arms while we set up a ‘time warp’ photo.

A handmade blanket, knitted by Evie’s Grandmother.

An old fashioned alarm clock set at 7.25 (the time Evie was born)

A bird on wire sculpted from found timbers and carved lovingly by Pip’s uncle.

Shells from holidays, collected and saved and loved. We used one to mark Evie’s height on against a ruler.

A cute whimsical calendar to mark her date of birth.

Handmade lettering spelling out Evelyn and placed on a small roll of hessian to tie the theme altogether.

Adam strummed the guitar to settle Evie as the shoot went on and I just had to capture a little of them on film.

Congratulations Pip and Adam. You have been blessed with a beautiful daughter and I am so looking forward to watching her grow with your love.evie on blanket 1framed



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