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Leanne and Rodney Bird asked me to photograph their daughter Milly before her St Patrick’s College Ball, Launceston, Tasmania on the 17th May 2014. A lovely portrait photo shoot at the Punchbowl Reserve, Launceston, Tasmania in Autumn just as the leaves were turning. 

Her partner, Jarrod, wore a matching coloured tie with a dark classic suit to compliment the aqua blue long gown that Milly wore. Such a lovely young couple! I photographed them at the Punchbowl Reserve to reduce the risk of wind and to provide some shelter from the rain that had threatened all day. I popped Milly into a pair of red gum boots when we went off exploring to save her diamante shoes with incredibly high heels.

Photos of Milly & Jarrod, detail shots and ones of their family’s. Photos with the car against the backdrop of autumn leaves of reds and yellows. Special memories. Thank you for asking me!!BPhotography-Milly007 BPhotography-Milly011 BPhotography-Milly013 BPhotography-Milly016 BPhotography-Milly019 BPhotography-Milly020 BPhotography-Milly023 BPhotography-Milly026 BPhotography-Milly027 BPhotography-Milly031 BPhotography-Milly036 BPhotography-Milly038 BPhotography-Milly042 BPhotography-Milly047 BPhotography-Milly049 BPhotography-Milly050 BPhotography-Milly052 BPhotography-Milly057 BPhotography-Milly061 BPhotography-Milly063 BPhotography-Milly064 BPhotography-Milly068 BPhotography-Milly073 BPhotography-Milly074 BPhotography-Milly075 BPhotography-Milly077 BPhotography-Milly079 BPhotography-Milly081 BPhotography-Milly082 BPhotography-Milly083 BPhotography-Milly086 BPhotography-Milly089 BPhotography-Milly090 BPhotography-Milly093 BPhotography-Milly097 BPhotography-Milly098 BPhotography-Milly100 BPhotography-Milly101