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This was a very special portrait shoot for me.

I have known Zakk for years. He was just a teenager when he first assisted me, photographing the Launceston Cup a couple of times, many years ago. We have continued to mentor each other as time has gone on. Zakk has encouraged me to write and publish my thoughts and articles on Social Media, and I have given him tips and advice on photography and more recently, we have been brainstorming marketing ideas. I love that our friendship continues despite the big age gap, and I look forward to meeting up with him again soon to discuss a project we are working on together. Watch this space …BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture003 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture010 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture014 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture017 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture035 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture020 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture021 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture027 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture029 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture036 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture038I was honoured when Zakk asked me to photograph him, with his gorgeous girlfriend Charlotte, in Hobart earlier this year. What a perfectly matched pair! They are so in love and I had the nicest afternoon as we walked along the Hobart Rivulet, just down from the Cascade Brewery, towards the city. We stopped when I found interesting spots for us to use for backdrops. Everything from confined alleyways to open grassy places. We chatted and laughed as Zakk and Charlotte relaxed and enjoyed themselves, often forgetting about me and my camera pointed in their direction. It is exactly what I love doing. Putting people into the perfect light and letting them be themselves.

BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture041 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture046 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture048 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture051 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture053 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture055 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture058 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture062 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture068 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture070 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture076 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture078 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture081 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture083 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture085 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture087 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture089 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture091 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture092 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture098 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture100 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture106 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture108 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture112 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture113 BPhotography_Zakk_Portraiture102

Thanks Zakk and Charlotte. It was such a lovely afternoon xx

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