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I have been photographing Milla since she was just days old and now she is about to become a ‘big sister’! Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ116

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ012

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ014Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ125It is such a wonderful thing, to be asked to keep photographing families as they grow and to have the opportunity to watch a tiny babe become a gorgeous young girl who calls out my name asking me to watch her run and play with her. Who kisses me and smiles and is happy to hold my hand. It is such a privilege to be so involved with clients who become special friends over time, and Brittany, James and Milla are just that to me. I can’t wait share in their excitement of the birth of their new baby in a few weeks and get a little cuddle :-)Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ107

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ108

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ022  Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ028

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ034

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ035

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ052

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ055  Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ077

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ080

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ092

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ096

Belinda_Fettke_Pregnancy shoot_BJ099