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There is always a very special bond between a mother and son, but there was something about Cristiane and Riley’s relationship that had that ‘little extra’ attached. The way he looked at her, the moments they shared without words and the gentlest touch. I loved capturing them early on a Sunday morning as the sun started to warm the world around us. Such a cold start, but well worth it for the beautiful ‘ photography’ light and it is often the best time for young kids before they get tired later on in the day.

I smiled as soon as I saw the pair of them waiting for me near the Monkeys at the Launceston City Park. Both in their bright red outfits complimenting their gorgeous complexions, huge smiles to greet me. Riley had a minute of shyness which disappeared quickly and he was just so much fun to photograph.

Thank you for asking me Cristiane. I loved photographing you and your gorgeous son, Riley xx_R7C1409 _R7C1445 _R7C1452 _R7C1491 _R7C1518 _R7C1549 _R7C1611 _R7C1650 _R7C1654 _R7C1666a _R7C1675 _R7C1691 _R7C1696 _R7C1707 _R7C1762 _R7C1817 _R7C1828 _R7C1870 _R7C1884 _R7C1899 _R7C1913 _R7C1999 _R7C2056 _R7C2098baw _R7C2218 _R7C2260baw