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I love photographing young families and seeing how excited big sisters’ are with a new baby brother in the house. Whilst Tom was almost 4 months old at the time of our session, he was still very little and adored by his sister, Amelia. Cuddles on the couch, reading books together, and lots of laughs.

After photographing the young family at home, Seb, Mel and the kids ventured off with me to Tamar Island. The weather was warm and Amelia loved modelling for me with her family. She twirled and danced on the boardwalk and chattered away happily. Tom smiled and watched everything going on. He is such a happy contented baby.

Lovely family!

Thank you for asking me to photograph you all, Seb. xBPhotography_Family Portrait001 BPhotography_Family Portrait002 BPhotography_Family Portrait003 BPhotography_Family Portrait004 BPhotography_Family Portrait005 BPhotography_Family Portrait006 BPhotography_Family Portrait007 BPhotography_Family Portrait008 BPhotography_Family Portrait009 BPhotography_Family Portrait011 BPhotography_Family Portrait012 BPhotography_Family Portrait013 BPhotography_Family Portrait014 BPhotography_Family Portrait015 BPhotography_Family Portrait016 BPhotography_Family Portrait017 BPhotography_Family Portrait018 BPhotography_Family Portrait019 BPhotography_Family Portrait020 BPhotography_Family Portrait021 BPhotography_Family Portrait022